Service-to-others is the highest form of love and compassion.

Did you have a spiritual awakening and feel like your whole world has turned upside down?

Do you feel lost, confused or stuck in your life but don't know how to take the next step?

Do you suffer with chronic pain, dis-ease and ailments that you can't seem to get rid of?

Do you have attachments, boundary issues and karmic relationships that are blocking you from being your
best self?


Are you interested in learning more about Planet Earth's Ascension and your role in it?

Do you want to know what your life-lessons and life-contracts are but can't seem to figure them out?

Are you experiencing, or have you gone through, a dark night of the soul and cannot seem to get your life back on track?


Do you feel like you keep attracting the same people, same issues and same events into your life? Do you want to know why?

Do you have interest in exploring the esoteric side of your existence and working with energy to cleanse, purify and unblock your fields for ultimate healing?

Do you need assistance with your diet, health and overall guidance that will align you with the most optimal and beneficial lifestyle?

Would you like an amazing, refreshing, nourishing and uplifting healing to cleanse your energy fields, repair your DNA, rejuvenate your cells and raise your vibration?

**All of my in-person healing sessions include laying on Infra-red Biomat lined with Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals. "Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been studied for various health benefits. It provides warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. These rays not only benefit muscles on the surface of the body, but all cells and bodily tissues in the deepest parts of the body. The warm stimulating waves temporarily increase local circulation. This deep tissue heating relaxes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints relieving pain and discomfort."

You will also receive o2 oxygen therapy while relaxing on the bio-mat and massage table. This is designed to energize your body with more oxygen, rejuvenating your cells, cleansing your blood and nourishing your lungs.

**Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit Integration (Life-Review) using Intuitive Channeling, Astrology, Numerology and Analysis of current life patterns 
Why wait until you transition from this body to have your life-review when you can do it before you move forth into your next cycle of life? I highly recommend this healing for it explores the depths of your being and allows me to locate discordant energies, negative behavior patterns and belief systems, weak spots in your Auric fields and areas in your life that are preventing you from merging with your higher-self.  I can help you in discovering your life-lessons, contracts and karmic patterns allowing you to clear negative energies and fully embody a life of peace as you discover the blue print of your true self! Click for more details.
**This healing is done online via email.

$150 for first Analysis. Includes 1 follow up of questions.
$75 for each additional analysis. (billed later if needed)
(Suggested Add-on) $100 for nutritional & wellness guidance based on Astrological aspects.



**Reiki Master / Chakra Balancing / Energy Tune-up
Beautiful, nourishing energy healing that moves stagnant chi and blockages within your cells & chakras, alleviates pain, raises your
vibration and realigns your energy bodies. I have the ability to see Aura's which allows me to truly locate and clear your blockages on the highest of levels. I use various techniques including qigong, hands of light, tuning forks, body movement, sweeping, essential oils, crystals and whatever I feel drawn to once I connect to your energy fields.  You will be guided to focus on breathing techniques and meditation during the healing. Remember, you are the healer of yourself, I am only the facilitator. Together we create the magic.

**Sound Healing / DNA Repair and Re-calibration
A magical & blissful healing using sound vibration to repair your DNA, re-calibrate your energy, activate your light body and nourish your mind, body & spirit. I use singing bowls, singing, mantras, bells, Shamanic drumming, crystal pyramids and hertz frequency musical vibration to assist in the healing process.


$135 for 1.5hr session.
Includes: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energy Tune-up, Sound Healing, DNA repair and Re-calibration.
(Suggested Add-on) Cord Cutting for $50.




**Cord Cutting / Soul Fragmentation Work
Did you know that an ethereal energy cord, strand and filament gets created between us and all we encounter? Some of these cords are positive, leaving us feeling uplifted, nourished and energized and some of these cords are negative, keeping us connected and tightly linked through the Solar Plexus, siphoning our energy, causing imbalance, disease and negativity in our lives. Once we have a strong connection to someone such as an ex-partner or family member they can literally transfer all of their negativity, and even sickness, to us through this cord and this can wreak major havoc on our life. We also leave pieces of our soul with others and others can leave pieces with us, this is called fragmentation. This can happen through attachments, karmic contracts and unresolved issues that need to be cleared.  For us to be able to fully embody our spiritual light-body and Evolve and Ascend we must locate, cleanse and heal most of our soul fragments. I will take you on a beautiful journey using techniques to assist you in releasing these fragments & cords. 


$75 for single Cord Cutting Session.




**Shadow Work Assistance & Integration
Oh that darn shadow! It has a bad rep, however it is a part of us that needs to be loved, nurtured and integrated. These parts of ourselves that have been repressed and denied our whole lives create a shadow that follows us around wreaking havoc on our lives because we keep ignoring and repressing the parts of ourselves that need our most attention. I will guide and mentor you giving guide-lines, questions for self-inquiry and assistance as you delve deeper into the cave of your own personal shadow and work to lovingly, and gently integrate these aspects of yourself for ultimate soul healing.
**This healing is done online via email.

$85 for first session.
Includes: in-depth show work analysis and 3 email follow ups.
$50 for every session thereafter. (billed later if needed)

**Spiritual Advisor / Ascension Mentor
Did you have an awakening and aren't quite sure what to do now? Would you like to deepen your connection with your soul, spirit and the Divine? Do you want to learn more about Earths Ascension & your own evolution during these times? I offer personal guidance and mentoring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.

**This healing is done online via email unless paired up with one of my in-person healing offerings.

$85 for first session.
Includes: in-depth spiritual guidance and 2 email follow ups.
$50 for every session thereafter. (billed later if needed)

**House Clearings
Does your home feel energetically off and feel heavy and dark? Do you feel or sense and unwanted entity? Would you like to create a more peaceful, refreshed, harmonious and more positive vibration in your home? House clearings will energetically uplift your space cleansing out all negative debris from stagnant discordant energies.  Most people don't realize when we are carrying negative, unhealed emotions and drop our vibration we can attract negative energy spirits. Also, when people come into your home who may be carrying a lower vibration they can bring this energy into your home. There could also still be negative energy from the people who lived in the home in the past that wasn't cleared. Our home is our sanctuary and should always feel safe.  I will use sacred herbs, high vibration sounds, tones and mantras, along with a house clearing prayer and intent to send dark energy back to the light, cleanse your home of negative debris  & cords and leave your space feeling freer, cleaner, lighter, calmer and protected in light.


$85 within 25 miles.
**Additional charges may apply for over 25 miles.


**Soulmate/Twin-flame/Sacred Relationship Mentoring
I personally have met my Twin Flame and have been on the most incredible sacred relationship journey for the past 11 years. My beloved and I decided to share our story and guide other couples who are on the spiritual path together, helping to lead them in union by transmuting the intense powerful energies that occur when we met our spiritual partner whether it be a soul-mate, Twin-Flame or a shared Divine union.  Sacred Relationships are the true conduit of Soul Ascension and the couple becomes a gate-way to the others evolution. When the Lunar and Solar energies become aligned in true balance, harmony and love, these unions assist the world in ushering in higher consciousness and frequency from the intense magnetic vibrations that are produced through this alignment.

**This healing is done online via email and in-person.

$85 for first session.
Includes: in-depth guidance and 2 email follow ups.
$50 for every session thereafter. (billed later if needed)



**Goddess Gatherings / Moon / Fire Ceremonies
I will post all gatherings on my instagram or send via email to all of my personal subscribers.

**Bio-mat & Oxygen Sessions (included with all in-person healing sessions)


Reiki/Chakra Balancing/Energy Tune-up, Sound Healing/DNA-Repair/Cord Cutting, Spiritual Advisor Session
*Comes with Biomat/Oxygen Therapy/Herbal Tea/Snacks




Reuniting you with your spirit for optimal health, balance and peace.

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