Earth Mission

"I am a citizen of the Universe helping to raise the vibration of LOVE on earth"

Greetings loved ones. My current soul identity on this journey is Jenna Ajna Love. My soul incarnated during these times of planetary Ascension to be of service to humanity by holding the light, helping to raise consciousness and by assisting all who come into my vibratory fields with love, healing, wisdom and guidance.

In 2013 I had an awakening that literally changed my life forever. I had an out-of-body experience and for the first time (in this lifetime), I RE-connected to my soul, fully and completely without the egos chatter and, there, I was in full surrender and oneness with myself and All That Is, bathed in the light of higher consciousness.  I saw and felt the light of Gods incredible love and was fully plugged in to the oneness of the Creator.  Within that familiar realm of beauty and unconditional Love I knew that I was "HOME", and I remembered who I am.  I have channeled and tapped into my Star origins and was told I am a Starseed who incarnated to assist humanity during these incredible times of our planets Ascension. I am here to hold the light, to be a conduit of radiant energy, courage, strength and loving kindness and to be of service through this vibration. During my out-of-body experience and visit with the Divine, I was downloaded with incredible wisdom and was assisted by my higher-self and guides to use my higher-senses of intuition, empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, channeling and Divine gifts of healing to assist others on their spiritual life path, and I have made this my Earth Mission.

Since my Re-awakening I decided to listen to the true calling of my soul and dedicate my life to serving spirit and serving others by becoming a full-time spiritual guide and "Way Shower", helping my earth/star family remember who they are by being a conduit of love, light and healing. 

We are alive during the most incredible time of our soul's existence. For those who have chosen the path of Ascension it is very critical to continue raising your vibration, clearing out karmic imprints and focusing your energy on activating your Light Body and I am here to assist in this activation.


I specialize in Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit Integration and High Vibration Healing Modalities by sharing and combining my own personal experience and awakening, my energy healing and intuitive empathic abilities, my intensive knowledge of our existence and a lifetime of studies that aid in the healing of others. Yes, I have certifications but a true healer and medicine woman has firsthand experience with the darkness, the Divine and understands the true alchemy of the spiritual journey beyond a physical certification. 

My mission on this earth journey is to help raise the vibration of this planet as well as all it's inhabitants through pure, non-judgemental and unconditional love. When we live in the love vibration our energy resonates at a high frequency and we express the God-qualities of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, generosity, joy, peace—all that inspires, empowers and enhances life and I fully commit to be a part of that resonance. 

Everyday my goal is to uplift, inspire and help shine my light on the path for others to see their own light and authenticity. I live my life fully and completely to serve God, my higher-self, The Law of One and all of humanity, helping to transition Earth and all it's precious souls to the new age of peace and unity. I've dismantled negative ego agendas and fully committed my consciousness, heart and soul to the Divine, allowing my vessel to be used as a conductor of light to assist in the ascension process of this time cycle.

I come to you with a pure heart, no judgement, pure and unconditional love, and in truth. We must all do our part on this journey back to oneness, join our hearts back together in Unity.  With every act of kindness, every expression of love, every positive thought, positive action, positive prayer and conscious effort to contribute to the well being of ALL of Humanity, we WILL change the world and help to usher in the new and beautiful Golden Age.


We are all family. We are all brothers and sisters of the ONE Infinite Creator. We are here to serve each other and to help raise the consciousness of the planet, and all of humanity, so we can evolve as a species into beings of pure light and love which is our birth right. I'll see you in the Golden Age.

I look forward to sharing my gifts with you. May love, peace and light surround you all. 


With love, light and truth,

Jenna Ajna Love


Reuniting you with your spirit for optimal health, balance and peace.